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Tiger Taco Box Clip: Aluminum Gaylord

Tiger Taco Box Clip: Aluminum Gaylord

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Sold per Taco (1 taco)

Made in the USA (United States of America)

Warrantied for Life (Supernova)

Bigger Tacos for bigger boxes! You may need two hands to use our Gaylord Tacos, but they will make your cargo and Gaylord boxes better and so much easier to use by keeping that flap down out of the way.
It is designed to be sterilized as needed to work in Clean Rooms, or not so clean rooms. Our standard 1/4" Retention holes on both ends for securement might be handy as it's over a pound of premium grade Aluminum!
TACO SIZE: 12" Long x 0.75" Wide x 7.75" High
(30.48 x 1.91 x 19.69 Centimeters)
TACO WEIGHT: 1 Pound 1.6 Ounces
(0.50 Kilograms)
MATERIAL: 0.60" 5052 Aluminum
FINISH: Tumbled

Lifetime (Supernova)

Options available:

  • Colors and coatings
  • Branding and messaging
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