Distributors, Wholesalers, Retailers, Etc.

The Partners We Treasure!!

Over the years we have danced a bit in each of your markets; we find it very interesting how each of you serves your customers, the overlaps and niches, and how you deal with a small brand like us (or not).

We have been servicing some of your customers directly (not really behind your back .. we tried to get your attention right out of the gate, but then we had to go and prove our worth on our own .. and now, quite frankly, your customers really, really like us and come to us directly just because you make them.)

We are selective about who we work with when it comes to reselling our Tiger Tacos. We control our branding, pricing, and inventory with absolute authority. We build relationships from the perspective of a small company who does not need you but really wants the best of you!

We have an amazing base of customers, retail and industrial, home and small businesses, self-movers, and then the brands who take your breath away; the ones who move markets, the ones you buy, wear and consume. Most of our customers are repeat buyers and have pushed us hard into their systems; and, finally, after all these years, most of our new customers come from word of mouth, employee turnover, and accidental product sampling (carry Cart Pickin' Tacos). (and we do kind know what we're doing)

We ARE interested in working with you IF it means we can start with a fair and equitable relationship and build from there towards better things for us both; where margins are not all on your side, or excessive, or terms and conditions are ludicrous (we are poor taco makers and not a bank so don't try to float your business on our back).

Just click here to send me an email. I answer all emails (unlike some people we know). We do not mind sending FREE Tiger Tacos, or talking about whatever rocks your boat, but be creative in what you say because we are long past the time when money or your total value to us is as significant as the partnership being fun, supportive and expansive!