We guarantee you will be satisfied by the quality and function of each and every Tiger Taco Box Clip, or you may Return them for Refund with No Questions Asked. Plus, all Tiger Taco Box Clips are Warrantied for Life*!

As of April 2023, we have never received a single taco back from a customer (almost 20 years and counting); this excludes a few people who order for a move and then return them, and even fewer who tried to eat, or use them as a taco-holder.

We create and deliver a singular product concept. And because it is such a simple idea, we are able to make it absolutely fantastic in every detail. Our materials and manufacturing are so obvious that we have zero fault tolerances and every taco is identical (within reason as nothing is always perfect).

Our warranties cover all our Plastic, Galvanized and Aluminum tacos. Yes, even the Plastic, which as you can see below, will break when abused beyond reasonable use (this taco was NOT a Warranty claim as "really!?!" (it's also why we made Cart Picking Tacos for our favorite customer) it was drilled and hung from a cart, rack-banged enough to strip off pipe coating, and used nonstop  24/7/365 for years .. so yeah, we know you won't break your plastic tacos without an axe or something horrible).

A broken taco and why it failed.

*Lifetime Warranty (Normal) is that your tacos can still be used by your distant relatives when used in a normal, not abusive manner. Lifetime Warranty (Supernova) means the same plus some rough and abusive handing and still being used as spacecrafts are being packed to escape a mad sun!

SO .. if you are here looking for Return or Warranty action (for whatever reason makes you happy) please just go to our Returns Page and we will do what we can to make things great for you!