Collection: Plastic Tiger Taco Box Clips

Our Plastic Tiger Taco Box Clips are manufactured in Taiwan and Guaranteed for Life!

Our Plastic tacos are our most popular by far. The fact is that they really are fantastic in so many ways and a lot more affordable for most people, companies and situations. We have not had a single one of these returned in over 15 years and that is why we decided to make them guaranteed for life (obviously, when used as designed and all that jazz).

They work on all single- and most consumer double-walled cardboard boxes. The set opening is 1/2" (1.27cm) and so industrial and commercial grade double-walled boxes are just out of their ideal functional range (if you want to try one to see, please just email and ask for a free taco)).

Our manufacture has been making our tacos from the start and is excellent in their own industry (plumbing stuff). We use Virgin ABS (not regrind) and can change our colors and packaging as needed (for companies who want to cover countries or large markets).

These tacos come packaged in sets of four (4) tacos and are "Retail Ready".

They can also be imprinted with secondary branding and promotional messaging.